Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I’m going to confess that at the start of this semester I was really worried about taking my comparative religions class. Not that I was worried about my faith being shaken or anything, I just didn’t know what to expect.

I have decided that this class has only strengthened my faith in Christ. I’m only two weeks into this class and I couldn’t imagine myself in any other religion. I just see a complete lack of direction in other religions. That, and there are no guarantees. You have no reassurance as to whether you are going up or down. It is all based on how “good’ you were. It’s all legalism. It’s hell on earth because there is no hope. No Christ. No love.

Not only that, but half of these religions “sacred” scriptures and writings are authorless. What? You serve something and live your live by something and you have NO clue where it came from? Why? Why would someone do that? If it’s so easy to believe in something authorless, then why can it be so hard for people to believe in Christ?



  1. yeah!!! you are awesome!! i am so glad you are learning that throug this class!!
    ps you new blog page is the best!! black and white rule!!

  2. also - i love the freedom we have in Christ. I always tell Mike after learning about all he work that is in involved in being Hindu - i am so glad God saved me b/c i always would be wonder if i did enough?

  3. I really like this layout... where did you find it?!!?

    I had this same experience... only it would during a very doubting period. I know that if you are seeking Truth you will find it, and (in my opinion) the reason people have a hard time believing in Christ is likely because they have a lie in their life (they have to, to not believe in the Truth) and they are trying to smolder it.

    Just a thought... but I am weird about Truth... :)

  4. It was found at www.thecutestblogontheblock.com

    It's nice that something like that can reafferm your faith, even if your not looking for it and even if you are. God just works in the most amazing ways.