Saturday, February 28, 2009

Body Language

Below is a slide that I find to be very intresting. Deceptive body language is something I have been wanting to know more about recently. I just find it so intresting. The body and the mind are sooooo interconnected, it's just fasinating to me. So, if you catch me staring, don't worry. I'm just trying to see if your lying...

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Friday, February 27, 2009


Radiant. What does this word mean?

1 a: rays or reflecting beams of light b: vividly bright and shining : 2: marked by or expressive of love, confidence, or happiness

“Reflecting beams of light”. I know a lot of people who reflect beams of light. People I greatly admire. What got me thinking about this, this reflecting beams of light, was my bible reading yesterday in Exodus. Exodus 34: 29-35 talks about how, when Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, his face was radiant because he had spoken with God. He was reflecting the light of GOD! He was literally reflecting the face of out holy Father!

A lot has been on my mind lately. I am very doubtful right now. I just want to follow Christ with everything I have. Every thought, every prayer, every step I take, with every resource I have. But I feel like I’m lacking something important and it doesn’t matter that I ask His guidance everyday, I still feel like I’m not doing something right. I long to be radiant. I pray to put Him first everyday and to be a blessing to others because of the way He blesses me and because He’s using me, not because of anything I’m doing. But I just don’t feel it this week. The more I pray, the farther I feel.

“Vividly bright and shining”. I want to be that for Christ. I want to be like the men and women I admire and be radiant for Him, and Him alone.

BAHHHHH! What am I doing wrong?!?!?!?!?! I am praying for brokenness but… maybe I am radian to those around me and I just don’t see it. I know I do a lot of good for God at church, but I want to be of use in the world! Do I radiate to the world? Am I one of those people who the world looks at and says “What is up this that girl”? AHHHHH! I feel maddened! Maybe the desire to be radiant for Christ is enough for Him to use me for His glory…

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Devil!

Satan is a little devil. It’s not always the big things that he does that keep us from keeping God #1. Sometimes, the devil is in the details. This is something I am coming to realize more and more. Yeah, he messes things up in big ways every chance he gets, but it’s the small, everyday things that we try to do for God that the enemy really loves to mess up! Why? Because it’s the small, everyday things that keep us in constant contact with God. If Satan can throw that grove off for a day then he has succeeded with a small victory that could lead to a bigger victory if we don’t refocus ourselves on God.
So how do we refocus when the little details get us down? Someday’s, I don’t really know. I think that prayer is our best bet though. Prayer to stay focused on the important things, prayer to keep the evil one out, prayer for faith. I’ll tell you one thing though, my prayer as of late is to be wholly surrendered. Maybe if I am completely surrendered to Him, the devil can get in… God is just.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Keepin Him First.

So, this past week I have been trying to keep God #1. I have thought of a few ways that are helping me do that and I thought I would share.

1. If you are doing something God called you to do, do it as an act of worship.
If your doing a job, volunteering, or maybe going to school to get a degree in a field that God wants you in, don’t do the task out of obligation or necessity. See it for what it is. Obedience to God and an act of worship. Like me, I have a heavy load this semester and it’s beginning to wear me out! But instead of looking at my school work as something necessary to get me where God wants me, I started looking at it as an act of worship. By staying in school, I’m being faithful to God, and in a way, worshiping Him at the same time.
2. Keep in close contact with fellow believers.
If you want to keep God first then you MUST keep in constant contact with people who are likeminded. I’m not saying shut yourself away from the world, but keep your feet grounded with people who will support you and understand. Having friends that I can talk to, even if it’s not about God, has made keeping Him first so much easier. It’s just a different type of conversation with a believer then a nonbeliever.
3. KEEP IN THE WORD!!!!!!!!!! It’s pretty self-explanatory. But maybe do more then just read it. Meditate on it. I’m dong one of the many “bible in a year” plans. A change I plan on making is re-reading every scripture before I go to bed. I want the scripture to be the first and last thing I think about every day. Keeping my mind on His word will keep my heart on Him.
4. Pray for others.
Praying for other keeps my mind on Him as well. Sometimes I think more so then when I pray for myself (which is still very important and not to be neglected). But when I pray for others, sometimes it feels deeper. I can’t really explain it.
5. Look for opportunities to praise Him.
When something good happens in your life, praise God for it! All good things come from Him, so being more purposeful about thanking Him for all He does will keep your mind on Him as well. When you look for Him in life, we find Him.
So that’s all for now. Do you have any tips or tricks that keep you focused on the Lord?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pretty Wont Save You... Sorry Guys!

I just thought everyone should know that when Jesus comes back He’s not going to tell us all that we’re pretty. He’s not going to look at the believers and tell us what a fantastic job we have all done keeping His commands and being good fishers of men. No, He’s going to throw down a hammer on our heads! Jesus may have been meek when He walked with the disciples but that’s because He was trying to teach us. He was trying to show us how to love and how to live with others. If He had been more like what the Jew envisioned, He would have hammers us then, but tat was not the plan. Without instruction we never would have learned. And it was never God’s plan to scare us into a relationship with Him. We must come willingly. Even if we are called and chose, we must come willingly. So yeah, I may be pretty, but that wont keep Christ from condemning me for all the wrong I have done.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oil and Honey? No Thank You!

Proverbs 5: 3 For the lips of an adulteress drip honey and her speech is smother than oil.
This passage comes from the warnings against adultery but it struck me differently. I just kept thinking that I don’t want to be deceitful in relationships. I don’t want to put on a fa├žade that needs to be kept up for appearances. Now obviously, I don’t ever want to be an adulteress. But I also don’t want to lead someone on by not being honest. I want to be someone that tries to live a life pleasing to Christ. Part of that is being honest with your words. I don’t want speech that is smooth like oil that everything slips off of. I want honesty. I don’t want to persuade someone to do something because of the way I said something or through my body language, I want them to do it because I’m honest and because they want to do it. I think that females have to much power in the way we move and speak and it’s a dangerous thing if we let it get the best of us. We need to live with honesty and integrity. Not a life of oil and honey.