Monday, October 4, 2010

The Front Row

The front row of Church Camp. Those were the most coveted seats I have ever seen. I can see it now, people lining up 15-20 minutes before worship started. Hanging out with their friends, intent on being first in line so that they could get the "best seats." And why would they not do this at camp, they do it everywhere else. Go to any youth church service and watch the kids. I can guarantee, the same kids, week after week, will line up early so they can sit in the front row.

Our kids are a lot like the Pharisees in the Book of Luke, who jockey for the best seat at the table with Jesus. All of these holy men wanted to be at the head of the table, the place of honor. As if they believed that being first meant something important. It's sad. Thousands of years later and we still fight for the chance to be first in the church. Only now it's not just our place at the table, it's the names we drop, the places we hang out, even what we wear. As if it matters so much to anyone else. As if it says to the world "Look how holy and important I am!"

Where has our humility gone?