Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whats You Issue?!?!

Everyone that their one thing. Ya know, the “issue” they have that they can’t seem to get over. Issues can come in all shapes and sizes and have any number of negative effects on someone. If they go unchecked, they can hinder the ability of the person they hold captive. And the worst thing about issues is that they are sneaky, sly, and can manipulate their form until you don’t even know their there.
So how do you help someone who doesn’t see their issues?
Confrontation is though. Whether it’s from someone else or from yourself. So how, as an outsider, can you help someone else see the light of day and see what God intended for their life?
This is something that has been creeping up in my life as of late. A lot of my issues with self-doubt and insecurity have been faced head on and from an angle. I’m growing. And maybe because of that, I’m seeing where my friends aren’t. I want to tell them what I see, I want them to be better, I want them to let God in and work in their lives. Now, I’m not trying to be judgmental, rude, important, or anything. I’m not saying that I’m perfect and now I want to “fix” people around me. But I do want to help.
This is the place I’m stuck in. Help or keep silent. I pray for resolve and open ears and hearts or for my mouth to just stay silent.


  1. Good post! I think prayer is key when you want to see change in friends. It can often times be better than confrontation. Of course when you pray the spirit may lead you to confront that person in love to help them open their eyes to the change they need... keep praying! And keep writing!