Monday, December 15, 2008

The Corner of 1st and Amastad

So I’m going to share a story with you all. But first, let me tell you what compels me to do so.
So, as I’m sure you all know, I’m single again. In one of my “Ohlifesucksandnoonelovesme’ moments, a friend recommended a song for me to listen to. She said she thought it mirrored my life at this time. She had no idea how right the song is for me. Not only for this season of my life, but for past seasons as well.
But let’s start the story. On November 30th of 2007 I got lost. Severely lost in Edinburgh, Scotland. I had spent the night before in a hotel with my mom who had come to visit me for a week in Leuchars. For her last night she decided she wanted to go to Edinburgh and see the castle. We had the best time just hanging out and talking and seeing the castle(it was my second time to see it). She left early the next morning leaving me alone in a fantastic hotel! With no continental breakfast. Being that my train back to Leuchars was at 2, I figured I could make it until then.
Since I had time to kill I decided to head over to Princes Row. A street know for it’s shopping and people watching opportunities. Long story short, I must have forgotten how to read a map that day. I spent 2 hours lost in a HUGE city. I finally was able to make my way back to my hotel. From there, I was almost sure I could find the train station in time to catch my train.
So I head off, with the same map that I obviously couldn’t read, in the direction I thought the train station was. After walking so long and being frustrated at the fact that I was lost and still had no idea if I was headed the right direction, I was starving. Not only that, I was pissed off, sad, and very much alone.
I finally figured out that I was on the right track to the train station(haha, track, get it?). But even though it was November, I was hot. Lugging around my backpack made everything worse.
It was on this walk to the train station that I really began to question God. Did he really want to me move in the first place or was I being selfish? Was He even there? Had I wasted my time and effort trying to please a being that didn’t exist? So I’m having this internal conversation with myself as I reach one of about 8,000 intersections I had to pass to get to my destination. On the corner of this particular intersection was a Starbucks.
Now a little on my love affair with Starbucks. Starbucks was one of the few things that I was familiar with. Starbucks was as American to me as American cheese, since I don’t much care for apple pie or baseball.
As I’m passing this Starbucks the only thing I can think is “I really wish I had some money for a frappichino right about now”. The next thing I know, there are two bubbly, happy, laughing women talking a mile a minute to me saying something about wanting me to take a picture of them. Being that I was in such an AWESOME mood, I said I would snap their photo. Then one of the bubble chicks says “No! We want to take a picture with you!’ So as I’m standing there, trying to process what in the world this woman is talking about, her friend jumps behind me, smiles, and the other chick takes the picture! I kid you not, somewhere out in the world there is a picture of me with some strange British woman making a “WTF?” face. I bet it’s fantastic.
The chick who snapped my “WTF” photo goes on to explain that her company is doing a promotion and they have all of these gift cards to give away. The only catch was they needed proof that they gave them to people and didn’t just keep them. That’s where the photo comes in, it was the proof. After she explains this to me, her friend shoves two 10 pound(Pounds is the currency in Scotland) gift cards in my hand and they run off, never to be seen again.
But here is the kicker, you ready? The gift cards were to Starbucks. I’m not even lying. Starbucks! My home away from home! Lost, insecure, alone, and losing faith, God gave me Starbucks! Talk about a renewing of faith! I swear, as I walked out of that store with a nice, bug, cold frapcchino in my hand, God told me that He was always with me, even though I was far away, and that He was always faithful, even in the smallest ways He loved me.
Here is the link if you want to hear the song.

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