Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love to pray. Well, I love to pray for other people. Last night at SWITCH I was able to pray with my girls from my SWITCHgroup. It was amazing. God just worked all night! I am so grateful for the girls in my group and for Johna being my co-leader. Those girls are amazing and it’s incredible that God has let me be a part of their lives and that He chooses to work through me for His glory. I loved being able to hear what was grieving their hearts and be able to pray with them and ask God to comfort them and be with them. God has done so much in their lives since the start of groups and I pray that He continues to do so.

I am seriously at a loss for words at everything God did last night. At BWW, Jeff, myself, and some of the other leaders had the chance to talk to our waitress. She had been thinking about visiting LC for some time but didn’t want to go alone. She got my number and Jeff’s and is going to text us when she knows what service she’ll be going to. You could tell that she has such a heart for God and want’s to commit her life to His work. I only talked to her for about 15 minutes but I am amazed by her. She has so much passion.

It just amazes me sometimes how God works things out. How the smallest thing, like going out to eat, can change lives. He just amazes me.

God, I surrender.


  1. you are awesome!! i lvoe to see God work in your life - os i finally added you to my list - love ya(and i checked it - it works- i am so tech savy)