Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Devil!

Satan is a little devil. It’s not always the big things that he does that keep us from keeping God #1. Sometimes, the devil is in the details. This is something I am coming to realize more and more. Yeah, he messes things up in big ways every chance he gets, but it’s the small, everyday things that we try to do for God that the enemy really loves to mess up! Why? Because it’s the small, everyday things that keep us in constant contact with God. If Satan can throw that grove off for a day then he has succeeded with a small victory that could lead to a bigger victory if we don’t refocus ourselves on God.
So how do we refocus when the little details get us down? Someday’s, I don’t really know. I think that prayer is our best bet though. Prayer to stay focused on the important things, prayer to keep the evil one out, prayer for faith. I’ll tell you one thing though, my prayer as of late is to be wholly surrendered. Maybe if I am completely surrendered to Him, the devil can get in… God is just.

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