Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pretty Wont Save You... Sorry Guys!

I just thought everyone should know that when Jesus comes back He’s not going to tell us all that we’re pretty. He’s not going to look at the believers and tell us what a fantastic job we have all done keeping His commands and being good fishers of men. No, He’s going to throw down a hammer on our heads! Jesus may have been meek when He walked with the disciples but that’s because He was trying to teach us. He was trying to show us how to love and how to live with others. If He had been more like what the Jew envisioned, He would have hammers us then, but tat was not the plan. Without instruction we never would have learned. And it was never God’s plan to scare us into a relationship with Him. We must come willingly. Even if we are called and chose, we must come willingly. So yeah, I may be pretty, but that wont keep Christ from condemning me for all the wrong I have done.

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