Thursday, April 16, 2009

God Is Working Something In Me...

The Bible claim that wealth is worthless. I think that we hear this concept so much in church that it can be hard to separate monetary wealth with our wealth in other areas. I’m not wealthy when it comes to money. Not in the least. But man, do I have a lot of wealth in other areas. I have a wealth of friends that I wouldn’t know what to do without. The wealth of support they provide, the knowledge they share, the Godly advice and direction they provide me with. It’s enough to bring me to tears some days. I am wealthy in love. I have a lot of love to share with the people around me. And in return, they show me love. I have a wealth of passion for my students and the Gospel. Because really, behind the Gospel, what else really matters?
But at he end of my life, and this age, none of this will really mater. The only thing that matters is that my life is devoted to Christ, that He might bring others to know Him through me, but not because of me. If that makes sense. The most important thing I can do now is share His word and the message of His love. That when we were sinners, Christ came and suffered for our sin, that we might be found righteous in the eyes of the Father.

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